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I'm a longtime amateur, passionate about making good images. For me, an image must evoke an emotional response. It must tell a story, ask a question, or display textures and colors that compel you to look closely. If the image doesn't force you to pause and react, then it isn't successful. With those objectives, my choice of subjects are diverse. I'm not a landscape photographer, a travel photographer, a fine art photographer, a street photographer, or a sports photographer, but you'll find examples of all of these.

I am a former scientist and technology manager, so the technical side of photography appeals to me a lot. I love digital, but I'm a realist and use it to emphasize what was interesting in what I saw vs creating a scene that never existed. I have spent a lot of time in darkrooms, and I mostly use software as a digital darkroom (dodging, burning, contrast, toning). I love beautiful camera equipment and have used Canon, Olympus, Mamiya, and now mostly Leica equipment.

While you're here, all I ask is that you leave a comment to let me know you were here. Let me know if there was something you especially liked (or didn't!)

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